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Escoffee Direct Trade Principles

Escoffee Solemnly Believes:
• To offer the highest-quality coffees, we actively collaborate in their creation. Thus, we work closely with those who have the greatest impact on quality – the growers themselves.
• It is real human effort that is the most critical factor in quality coffee, and that the growers who do the best work should get the best price. We do not believe in coffee subsidies.
• The coffee farmer who grows an award-winning cup is an artisan and should be given individual recognition.
• Great coffee is inherently produced by sustainable methods. We only work with growers who think long and hard about economic, social, and environmental conditions of their farms and communities.
• We seek to deliver the highest possible return to growers and require our importers, exporters, cooperatives and farmers to agree upon the financial distribution prior to harvest and act transparently in the execution of distribution, allowing us to monitor the committed delivery price to the farmers.
• Our goals are more effectively accomplished when the number of individual and organizations between the farmer and Escoffee are minimized.
• Our company is uniquely positioned to accomplish the goals of the Escoffee Direct Trade™ Relationship.

Criteria of Escoffee Direct Trade Program
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• The verifiable price to the grower or the local coop, not simply the exporter, must be at least 5% above the Regular Trade price.
• The grower must be committed to healthy environmental practices.
• The grower must be committed to sustainable social practices.
• Escoffee representatives must visit the farm or cooperative village at least once per harvest season, understanding that we will most often visit three times per year: pre-harvest to craft strategy, during the harvest to monitor quality, and post-harvest to review the final products and outcome of the operation.
• The transparency of the operation is of essence and all parties involved in the production process must commit to actively practice this method.

How Escoffee Direct Trade Works?
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Emails and phone calls sometimes aren’t enough for the careful supervision needed in the production process of Specialty Coffee. The coffees we create in Ecuador require the direct involvement of our tasting experts and are defined by mutual synergy of all parties involved.

The ideals of developing strategies in the pursuit of better quality, better rate of return, and long-term viability are just some of the various factors attributed to our long-term success. There are hundreds of coffee companies out there that mention their effort in “visiting” coffee producers regions in times of harvest. We usually visit and spend the whole harvesting season with every farmer or cooperative we work with. Activities in our stay vary from helping plan the harvest; monitor the quality of the procedures during the harvesting process, and recapping our involvement after the whole season.

Everyone in the coffee chain has an assigned role, and without each link, the coffee could not make its journey to the consumer’s cup. The grower produces the coffee. The miller carefully selects it. The exporter is responsible for preparation and shipment, and the importer is responsible for transmittal and delivery of the final product to us. When all of these people work in harmony and with full transparency, “sustainable business” is achieved. Escoffee restlessly aims to avoid: obscurity, lack of communication, and competing interests that can affect the outcome of a successful operation.

What is Escoffee Direct Trade?
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Escoffee Direct Trade™ is, defined as "relationship coffee" where everyone involved in the production process, collaborates with each other and benefits from doing so. This is how exceptional coffees are born.

Our buying philosophy is not very complicated. We believe in coffee quality as our most important attribute as an operation and have made a commitment to offer only top-shelf Specialty Coffee that speaks for itself. To obtain these determined goals, we work closely with actual producers, from the very early stages of cultivation. Most importantly, we know that to accomplish our goal of having the world’s best coffee, the entire process has to be sustainable, from beginning to end. Human effort is the most critical factor in quality coffee and by recognizing such; growers who do the best work should receive the best price possible and recognition. The coffee farmer who grows an award-winning cup is an artisan, and should be regarded as such. Furthermore buying great coffee is more of a development process rather than a simple purchase.

By having one of the market’s most strict standards for quality in our coffee we thoroughly emphasize in developing a specific model tailored to meet every aspect we desire in our product. We expect all of our partners to be committed to furthering socio-economic and environmental sustainability in their communities. Looking ahead in every future operation, we actively seek to improve the quality of our coffee and commit our operation to review our progress and determine the areas we need to improve in being able to become the best coffee in the market. As our company has developed throughout the past six years, taking an active role throughout the entire production process gives us the confidence in understanding the necessary procedures to obtain the best results desired. As our company continues to grow, Escoffee Direct Trade™ is designed to be dynamic by always striving to modify our model as the coffee market evolves.

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